Fox Prairie Men's Club Billy Elder Scholarship

Eligibility: The graduating High School Senior must be:   

a son/grandson, or daughter/granddaughter, or dependent stepson/stepdaughter of a current, active 2022 dues paying member of the  Fox Prairie Men's Club. The applicant must be headed to a college level education.

Criteria: The scholarship application sections are:

1. A written statement of interest
2. Relationship to current FP Men's Club member
3. College plans
4. Academic record and achievements
5. Most current transcript (attached)
6. Extracurricular school activities
7. Golf involvement
8. Community activities

Any attached letter of recommendation should be not more than one page in length.

Submission and Deadline: Three (3) copies of the application should be placed in a sealed envelope and left at the Fox Prairie Pro Shop. Deadline for sumbission is early April 24, 2023.

Stipend Award: $1,000 to be used for general college expenses. 

Men's' Club Scholarship Committee:
Curt Brisco, Todd Thurston, Marty Schmidt

Each application must include three (3) copies and be in a sealed envelope.

Bill Elder Scholarship sponsored by the Fox Prairie Men’s Club, Noblesville, Indiana

Bill Elder was the dean of the Forest Park GC Greenskeepers.
Starting in 1952, he served 22 years at Forest Park GC. He was a diligent worker with a strong devotion to the care and attention of the golf course and park. Long before multi-tasking became a management term, Elder skillfully practiced the art.
He was also an accomplished golfer, winning the City Championship in 1958.

To be eligible for the award, the student must be a child, stepchild, or grandchild of a current Fox Prairie Men’s Club member. The recipient must be a graduating HS senior in the selection year.

Selections are made using several criteria, including: statement of interest, relationship to Fox Prairie Men's Club member, college plans, academic record, most current transcript, extracurricular school activities, golf involvement, and community activities.  

The award is $1,000 cash to help defray college expenses.

Application guidlines are available at Fox Prairie Pro Shop and listed below.

Scholarship Recipients down through the years:

2021 Taylor Caldwell
2020 Celia McNamara
2019 Jacob Deakyne
2018 Allison Aiman
2017 Parker Deakyne
2016 Shelby Deakyne
2015 Nathan McIntyre
2014 Alexis Blackledge
2013 Erin Scully
2012 Kathryn Brown
2011 Eric C Sears, Noblesville, HS, Indiana, Business/Law
2010 Lindsey N Brown, Carmel HS, IUPUI, Nursing
2009 Kevin Sears, Noblesville HS, Hanover College, Sports Management/Law
2008 Jonathan Tiernan, Noblesville HS, Indiana University, Biology
2007 Emma Brisco, Alexandria Monroe HS, Wittenberg, International Relations
2006 Bethany Brisco, Alexandria Monroe HS, Rose-Hulman, Mechanical Engineering
2005 No eligible application received
2004 Cody McNew, Noblesville HS, Golf Academy of the Carolinas, PGA Professional
2003 David Theibert, Noblesville HS Central Florida/Film School
2002 Callie McNew, Noblesville HS Indiana, Parks and Recreation
2001 Adrianne Mayhew, Carmel HS IUPUI, Education
2000 Lauren Weber, Westfield HS Indiana, Medicine
1999 Marsha Vawter, Noblesville HS Indiana-Kokomo, Veterinary Studies
1998 Carmel Education Foundation Ray McDonald Memorial
1997 Ben Schmidt, Noblesville HS Indiana, Business and Finance
1996 Missy Hinds, Noblesville HS Bowling Green, Business /Pre law
1995 Daniel Vawter, Noblesville HS Transylvania (Ky), Religion/History
1994 Record not available
1993 Brian Spacey, Noblesville HS Ball State, Physical Education
1992 Justin Floyd, Apollo HS, Arizona. Arizona, Pre-Medicine
1991 Record not available
1990 Jody Roudebush, Noblesville HS Indiana, Business Administration
1989 Gary Deakyne, Noblesville HS Akron, Business/Communications
1988 Jeff Blackford, Noblesville HS Indiana, Business Administration
1987 Mike Whallon, Noblesville HS Purdue, Horticulture Management
1986 Greg Wilson, Westfield HS Ball State, Business
1985 Deedra Camp, Noblesville HS Indiana, Dental Studies
1984 Andy Camp, Noblesville HS Purdue, Management
1983 Andy Elder, Noblesville HS
1982 Melissa McDonald, Carmel HS
1981 David Deering, Carmel HS
1980 Jon Ford, Noblesville HS, Purdue, construction
1979 Wilson Phillips
1978 No Record Available
1977 Sally Havercamp
1976 Jim Durr, Noblesville HS
1975 Record Not Available
1974 Jeff Hiday, Noblesville HS
1973 Duane Dorman, Noblesville HS, Ball State
1972 Gary Robison, Noblesville HS
1971 Rick Robison, Noblesville HS, Ball State
1970 David Thompson, Noblesville HS
1969 Tom Oyler, Noblesville HS, Purdue
1968 Jennifer Small, Hamilton Heights

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