Men's Club Spring Meeting - 2024

Thank you for everyone who showed up tonight to the spring meeting.  We had a large turn out.  Here are the minutes:

-This was not an election year, therefore the officers will stay the same.

-We discussed the financials.  Given the rising costs of food and expenses, a vote was cast to raise dues to $200 for Full Membership and $125 for Pay As You Go Membership.  The Full Membership dues have not been raised since at least 2006 which is as far back as I have records.  

-We will also no longer provide food for the two 9 hole Friday events.  After this season, if we have replenished our club funds, we will provide food for the Beat the Pro next year.  We will contemplate the dues for next year at that time as well.

-Eric Newmark is going to continue the Points Race for the 2024 season.  If anyone wants in, give Eric $25 for the entry fee.  You can collect points on any event except the Scramble.  If you need a new points card or have questions, please contact Eric at pga1125@yahoo.comor see him in the clubhouse at the course before the season starts.

-The Horserace event is scheduled for the Friday prior to the Tubby.  Since the Tubby Sweepstakes is not until September this year, we will gauge participation to see if people would rather do it before the auction on Thursday or keep it on Friday.  Gary is fine with either, we just need to make sure it's finished prior to 6:00 if we do it the same night as the auction.

-Todd Giganti is going to run his 1 man best ball event on Friday April 19th.  $10 entry fee.  He will also put together a 1 club challenge for later in the summer once everyone has found something that resembles a golf swing.

-During all tournaments, we will cap the amount of strokes that is given for the Net Skins game.  Everyone will still get the full permitted strokes during the tournament but only allow a maximum of 24 shots for the Net Skins game.

-Gary discussed the very nice, new golf carts and the GPS system that will be installed soon.  They will be equipped with a geofence that will not permit you to enter restricted areas.  The areas everyone knows about but seem to ignore.  That will no longer be an option.  They are also bidding out all the bunkers on the 9 holes that were not redone during the previous renovation.  Hopefully that will begin in May.  He will notify us the local rules regarding those bunkers as it happens. 

Giganti's event is April 19th and the first official men's club event is the Beat the Pro on April 26th and the Team Scramble on April 28th.  Get me your dues right away and I'll reinstate your handicap so you can post scores.

Thank you everyone,
Mike & Rich